Healthy Superfood - Why You Want to Regularly Eat Sauerkraut

Healthy Superfood - Why You Want to Regularly Eat Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut is one of the most amazing superfoods on planet earth and the funny thing is, it was most likely found by accident when someone a long time ago forgohealthy superfood sauerkraut his salted and watered white cabbage in the cellar.

So, sauerkraut is made out of white cabbage which has many healthy and beneficial characteristics. It is anti-inflamatory through its many antioxidants, it lowers the cholesterol level and is also good against cancer.

Furthermore the sauerkraut consists of probiotic microorganisms (primarily different types of lactic acid bacteria) which grow exponentially on the cabbage while being in slightly salty water for a couple of weeks (this process is called fermentation).

These micro-organisms are very good for your stomach and colon, to keep them functioning and healthy. Especially a well-functioning colon is very important for a robust immune-system.

Furthermore sauerkraut delivers diverse vitamins, especially vitamin C and vitamin B12. This vitamin B12 is very important for your health and is only produced by microorganisms. These microorganisms are usually living on plants, and we humans get them by eating not to well-washed plants, or by eating animals, who have eaten plants.
The amount of microorganisms and vitamin B12 is far smaller, especially if your salads and vegetables are very well cleaned, than if you eat sauerkraut, where these microorganisms have been especially cultivated.

It is very important, if you decide to eat more often sauerkraut, that you eat the fresh sauerkraut, and not the pasteurized one. Because only if you do not heat it too much, the microorganisms and the vitamins will be alive and intact and of benefit for your organism.

If you might wonder now, where to get some sauerkraut, just have a look in your local organic food store. Or you try to make your own sauerkraut. Just search the internet, and I am sure you will find a lot of information and even people who will give you precise video guidance.

Based upon my own experience you should know that it is not that simple to make your own sauerkraut, as there are quite some parameters to consider and fine-tune. If you do not get the right mixture here, your sauerkraut will not be tasty or even absolutely uneatable.
On the other hand, if you have time and are willing to experiment, and not afraid of failures, it can be quite some fun producing your own sauerkraut.

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